CURE is a volunteer, community advocacy group which works to bring education to Larchmont and Mamaroneck on the subject of institutional and systemic racism in our community and our country. CURE consists of a group of individuals interested in understanding racism on a structural level as well as various educators, houses of worship, community resource centers in addition to local institutions both public and private. CURE's three primary long term goals are Programming, Learning and Membership.


1. Programming (Events 4 CURE )

We will be holding a minimum of three annual events fixed on our community calendar and promoted by all members of the local CURE coalition. Each event will be around the topic of institutional racism. We will open up dialogue in safe spaces facilitated by pioneers of social justice and anti-racist activism. Depending on the community’s needs, CURE will partner with groups and individuals through long standing organizations who will share their knowledge in the form of talks, theater, films, workshops, etc.


2. Learning (Committed 2 Learning)

CURE will engage attendees long term through ongoing expansion of learning. We purposely keep our events in repertory through the calendar year in order to give the community the opportunity to change the lens through which we view America’s historical and present day understandings of institutional racism. With this new perspective, we can work toward a more EQUITABLE society for ALL on a local, state and countrywide level affecting policy that truly represents a democratic vision and defies America’s embedded caste system. In addition, we hope to grow CURE branches in every town and city throughout Westchester and beyond.


3. Membership (Partners 4 CURE)

As CURE grows, we will engage the public by honoring them with recognition through CURE Membership. Community members of all ages who join us for ongoing education and growth of self-awareness will be recognized annually by the offer of membership. We are only a few years old but In our future vision, Members will share benefits such as these:


• Discounts for future events that we can’t offer for FREE 

• Members get invited to planning calls to advise our work twice per year

• Members are offered early registration to events

• Members are offered potential backstage passes to meet guest speakers

• Aspiring higher education students can indicate their commitment to CURE

• Acknowledgement from local HS teachers for students Commited 2 CURE


HELP US GROW so we can start a movement toward education, healing and EQUITY.

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